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Hello my name is Annabelle and I am just a 16 year old girl with an unhealthy appetite for writing and reviewing. From beauty products to books, films, music, and every day items. I also comment on everyday situations and the obstacles that every teenager has to overcome in life. I will share some of my own experiences growing up and also comment on how teenagers are seen by the public and government.

Thursday, 30 August 2012

The Influence of Clothing 'Trends'

As a teenager my decisions are constantly influenced by others. Whether we are appealed by a career choice or a choice of behaviour sometimes we find ourselves in a place where we didn’t want to be because most of the time we are influenced too easily. We are swayed by celebrities and still label them as ‘role models’ when they don’t always make the right decisions. Many of us are majorly influenced by the clothing they wear whether it would be a pair of shoes but the most common trend is to wear the smallest amount of clothing you can find and when I go to birthday parties with my friends I always find at least a quarter of the girls attending wearing nothing but knicker shorts and a bandeau.

I believe the second reason behind this is they seek for attention as they believe even the little black dress will not get them enough and people, specifically boys, will not recognise them as much. As a result of this the skirts get higher, the shorts get shorter and the tops get lower but at the same time are getting cropped at the bottom revealing more than enough. The strange thing is that it seems to be a competition with who can reveal the most skin and whoever enters wearing shorts I recognise as underwear gets the most attention by boys especially.

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In the early 1900’s it was frowned upon for girls to even show their ankles and over the past 100 years gradually it seems to become socially acceptable to reveal certain ‘parts’ of the body. Not only is this the trend for adults but girls younger than 13 are also appealed by the idea. If this is how trends have delevoped over the past 100 years what will we be wearing in 10 years time?
The above is all my personal opinion and how i see "The Influence of Clothing 'Trends'" on todays society.